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Here is a list of 51 Awesome and Inspiring Blogs for Art Teachers:

  1. The Teaching Palette: This site is the ultimate resource for art educators, full of helpful articles, project ideas and tons of stuff that can improve your art classroom experience.
  2. The Art Teacher’s Guide to the Internet: Visit this blog to find ideas, tools and online resources for teaching art and design.
  3. The Carrot Revolution: Whether you’re a current art educator or training to be one, you’ll find a great collection of project ideas and inspiration on this blog.
  4. Art Education 2.0: Those who are looking for ways to integrate more technology into their art education may find help here. If not, there are still a number of great resources and project ideas to look at.
  5. Mrs. Art Teacher: You will find a great selection of art projects on this popular blog, with a focus on teaching kids from K-8.
  6. SchoolArtsRoom: Art educators can and should use this blog for inspiration in their own classroom; it’s full of not only projects, but help on every aspect of teaching art.
  7. Dan China- Art Education: This blog follows the work of art teachers in Buckinghamshire, but any school or educator can find inspiration here.
  8. Dewey 21C: Here, Richard Kessler shares his thoughts on arts education, from large-scale policy to everyday inspiration.
  9. ArtEdOnline: You’ll get access to some insightful articles on art education through this blog, as well as being able to take advantage of lesson plans and ideas featured on the site.
These blogs are excellent resources for educators working with younger students.
  1. Art With Mr. E: You can learn more about working with art education in elementary schools from this blog.
  2. Adventures of an Art Teacher: This blog of a second year art teacher showcases the work her elementary students are producing.
  3. There’s a Dragon in My Art Room: Phyllis, an elementary art teacher, shares her ideas on this blog for helping young minds get creative in art class.
  4. smART Class: On this blog you’ll find some amazingly cute and fun projects that are perfect for younger kids.
  5. Art Class Works: Art educator Lori shares her lesson plans on this blog, perfect for kids in elementary school.
  6. ArTechTivity: See what this middle school is up to, joining art education and the latest technology in one place.
  7. Fun Art Adventures: Learn more about teaching art at a middle school level with help from this blog.
  8. Art Makes Kids Smart: Washington state art teacher Dan shares fun posts about his adventures working in an art classroom.
  9. Use Your Coloured Pencils: There are some pretty cool ideas for art projects on this blog that couple learning about other subjects and art– great for elementary students.
Secondary and Higher Ed
These blogs focus on project ideas and work from students who are in high school and college.
  1. PHS Art: Get inspired by what this high school is doing with its art program by reading through the blog.
  2. Daisy Yellow: This blog is a great place to find inspiration for new art projects. While most can be adapted to kids at any age, these might be best for high school or higher ed students.
  3. The IB Art Studio: Teachers working in secondary art ed will find some helpful project ideas here and may be inspired to ramp up their own art programs.
  4. Art @ the Heart: Here you’ll find the work of students at Sacred Heart High School showcased.
  5. Synthesis: On this blog, you’ll get updates about events and a chance to see work from students at the Hartford Art School.
  6. Tyler School of Art Grads: The Tyler School of Art uses this blog to keep up with the work of past and current students– a great way for art students to learn what is really possible with a degree in art.
  7. TAMK Art and Media: The Tampere University in Finland shares the work of its interactive media and art students through this blog– inspirational for others in art ed as well.
Classroom Blogs
Visit one of these sites to see how other teachers manage their art classrooms.
  1. The Art Classroom: This art class blog showcases the work of high school students, from painting to graphic design, you’ll find it all here.
  2. Mrs. Picasso’s Art Room: Here, Mrs. Picasso shares the projects her young students are taking on in the classroom, with tips on things to do, read and share with students.
  3. Lines Dots and Doodles: Follow along with Holly’s elementary art class and see the kinds of projects they’ve been working on through the posts to this blog.
  4. Mrs. H’s Pride and Art: Mrs. Harness shares her art projects and insights into her K-4 classroom on this blog.
  5. Visual Arts @ Taylors Lakes Primary: Get a peek into the art classrooms at this elementary school to see just what kind of work they’ve been producing.
Project Ideas
Hurting for new ideas for your classroom? These blogs have tons to share on virtually every subject, media and grade level.
  1. Art for Small Hands: Looking for project ideas appropriate for young students? This blog has tons of them, many of which can be great additions to your curriculum.
  2. that artist woman: This blog is full of arts and crafts ideas that can work for students at a wide range of grade levels.
  3. Deep Space Sparkle: You’ll find an amazing collection of art lessons for kids on this blog that challenge students to use new materials and methods to express themselves.
  4. Teach Kids Art: Check out this site regularly for new inspirational ideas for art projects that are designed for students at a wide range of ages.
  5. Modern Art 4 Kids: Want to help your young students learn more about modern art? You’ll find tons of project ideas on here that are both fun and educational.
  6. Fun Art 4 Kids: If you’re in need of new ways to engage your art students, this blog can be a great source of inspiration.
  7. Art Projects for Kids: This blog is an excellent resource for art teachers in need of a few projects for holidays, learning about the world or just getting creative.
  8. SEQALab: Would your students be interested in learning about how to make comics? This podcast is an excellent way for you and them to learn more.
  9. Art Is Messy: Find lesson plans, art resources, student work and more on this blog from a teacher working in China.
Helpful Resources
From news to inspirational art, these sites are a good place to look for everything art.
  1. Drawn: Help your students learn to improve their artistic skills with some tutorials and inspiration found on this drawing-centric site.
  2. Doodlers Anonymous: Show your students just how much fun doodling can really be with inspiration from this site.
  3. Adelle: You’ll get inspired by the work of this artist to create your own similar, classroom-ready projects.
  4. Art: 21 Blog: Any teacher who loves art will appreciate this blog, chock full of news, reviews and inspirational images from new and established artists.
  5. The Big Picture: Show your students that a picture can really be worth a thousand words, with this photo news blog. It could inspire their own photography projects in class.
  6. Art News Blog: Keep up with the latest in the art world by following this blog. Who knows, you just might learn about an amazing local artist or find inspiration for a perfect project.
  7. The Art Blog: This blog will help you stay in the loop when it comes to art news, fairs and events going on around the world.
  8. ArtForum: Check out this high-society art blog to get the scoop on art trends, big exhibits or other things that both you and your art students might find to be of interest.
  9. ARTSblog: On this site, you’ll find posts on art education, marketing, research, artists and much more.
  10. Curator’s Corner: Whether you’re taking your students on a field trip to a museum or just want to teach them more about art history, this site can be a great resource.
  11. Smarthistory: The Blog: This blog, and its accompanying site, are worth a look to discover new and interesting ways to pair art and technology for education.
Last, but not least:

51.  The Art Teacher Cookbook

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DRAMA education resources

Here are some of the drama education assignments and information I have used or found helpful as exemplars:

More information coming soon!

I.B. Art

Please note, as of 2011, I am not currently teaching the IB Art Program.  Please contact your department head or the external examiner in your area for up to date information and resources.  This is simply my collection of resources that I developed, discovered or found useful while teaching IB Art year one and two.

GOTHIC ART resources

EGYPTIAN ART resources

 More information coming soon.